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How do you know if LED feedback will work with a pedal? Trying to choose...

Submitted by soundcolor on Wed, 07/03/2019 - 22:51
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I'm trying to make a proper grid, preferably not wildly expensive and with LED feedback control.

Does anyone know if the Fractal Audio MFC 101 Mark 3 can receive LED feedback? I tried calling them but by the time I found their number it was after 5:00 here in the states and tomorrow is a Holliday, so I thought I'd at least ask in general how one can know if any given foot controller can receive led feedback. This controller has two-color led's and lots of functions when used with the Axe-FX head it was designed for but I can't tell what the capabilities and limitations are when used as a stand-alone, without that head.

Any other suggestions? With Remotify, it could be several of the same pedal (Say, 4 four 2x4 units laid out in a grid... so long as I can change either the individual button signals [or even just bank one up for each, if it has banks] or change the midi channel, right? Remotify can turn them into one controller for me, so I should be able to find a cheap option, right? But which one?!)

At first I was considering a combination of Actition pedals (like the Actition 12, and an 8 below it, and maybe a 4 vertically along the side. or two 12's side by side and two 4's or 8's below them---though that would get costly) BUT I got word back from Actition saying, no, this pedals can't receive feedback for the LED's. Also, they are only one color, so that's not ideal.

So the next thought was maybe I could get RGB led's, the ring hardware to mount them, drill holes, and add them myself... but do you know what I'd need to wire them to? Some sort of usb board "brain" that would show up as something remotify can "hear." Any Idea for a strategy for that?

On that note, I've also thought maybe I could get some RGB light strips to box in arias of the grid that could change color when I change modes in remotify. That would use the same USB-brain thing I imagine.

All suggestions welcome. Thank you!

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hej. ich finde die idee grossartig. Du könntest dir die arduino steuerung anschauen. die kannst du nach belieben kombinieren und es gibt eine sterungssoftware.
remotufy app kann noch keine rgb vom ableton empfangen. also wenn du die farbe in den clips auf dem monitor änderst. allerdings könnte man es per java script einfügen. ich habe ein f1 kontrol mit dem es funktioniert. ich habe eine idee gehabt mit 2 x apc40 und foodcontroller. dazu wollte ich auf jede spur eine eigene box erstellen. also 16 boxen (session view) die ich unabhängig voneinander steuere. leider kann man in einem mode nur eine box haben. also müsste ich 16 modes erstellen. ableton kann nur 6 instanzen haben. somit wären 6 boxen möglich. habe es noch nicht rausgefunden  ob es über den script in der .py geht. ich weiss das es mit dem combine mode und link funktioniert. vielleicht kann john uns beraten? ;)

hey. I think the idea is great. You could look at the arduino control. which you can combine at will and there is a software.
remotufy app can not receive rgb from ableton yet. So if you change the color in the clips on the monitor. however, you could paste it by java script. I have a f1 kontrol with which it works. i had an idea with 2 x apc40 and foodcontroller. I wanted to create a separate box on each track. So 16 boxes (session view) I control independently of each other. unfortunately you can only have one box in one mode. So I would have to create 16 modes. Ableton can only have 6 instances. thus 6 boxes would be possible. I have not found out if it goes over the script in the .py. I know that it works with the combine mode and link. Maybe canJohn advise us? ;)