Start building your perfect Ableton Live Setup today.

In just a few minutes, start building advanced MIDI mapping scripts for your own controllers.





Master track controls

Playback start & stop

Arrangement record on/off

Arrangement loop on/off

Fast forward/rewind

Selected track controls

multiple pages of mappings per script (modes)

Number of modes

Add custom red/clip launch box

Red box maximum width/height (tracks/scenes)

Red box navigation

Control mappings relative to Red box position

Set LED feedback colours for mappings

Device parameter control

Device on/off control

Change the active Device Bank

Device select

Previous/next Device select

Custom clip state colours (within red boxes)

Song tempo nudge up / nudge down

MIDI arrangement Overdub on/off

Metronome on/off

Tap tempo

Arrangement Punch in / punch out

Tempo Control

Highlighted track navigation control


Cue volume

A/B track assign


Return track controls

Include / ignore folded tracks

Easy switching of script's assigned MIDI controller

Install script’s directly into Live from app

Save and manage multiple scripts within the app

Drag and drop mapping arrangement

Increase / decrease param values using buttons

Fully Customisable LED feedback options

Map more than 8 Device Parameters

Control devices located inside chains

Create custom device parameter banks

Selected device scrolling

highlighted scene navigation

Highighted scene scrolling

Highlighted track scrolling

red box scrolling

Web app



nothing to pay, free access now

- Create unlimited custom Ableton scripts

- Script mappings work across all of your Ableton Live sessions

- No coding required

- works for any MIDI controller

Web app


Full price $99

one-time payment, lifetime access

includes everything in the free web app plus...

- Red box / clip launching

- Selected track control & navigation

- Device control

- Control Sends

- More transport control options

- DJ control options

- Multiple modes & shift options



Desktop app

Control Surface Studio

Full price $129.99

one-time payment, lifetime access

Our premium successor to the web app

- Installs scripts directly into Ableton Live

- Save and manage multiple scripts inside the App

- Fully customisable LED feedback

- Map more than 8 Device parameters

And much more...



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, after purchasing you feel that Control Surface Studio doesn't fulfill your expectations, we insist that you contact us via email to ask for a full refund.

And you can keep any scripts which you created with Control Surface Studio.