Control Surface Studio

The worlds most advanced MIDI Mapping Tool for Ableton Live
Build unlimited Ableton Control Surface Scripts for any MIDI Controller
No Coding Required!

One click install of Scripts into Ableton Live

No more time wasted moving files into the correct folders. Simply click a single button and your custom script installs directly into Live.

Complete Control over Mixer, Return, Master & Selected Tracks

Reach into every corner of Ableton Live with dynamic control over all tracks in your Session.

Create groups of mappings

Use our exclusive Mode functionality to build groups of mappings and switch between them. Give every input on your MIDI Controller multiple functions.

Customisable LED Feedback for your Controller

Hook into Live's own events and fire off custom LED feedback settings to your Controller.

Control All Device Parameters

Need More than 8 Device Parameters? you've got it! Control every parameter in every Plugin & Device. Build custom sized Parameters Banks.

Set Minimum & Maximum Values

Set your own Min/Max Values for controls such as Volume, Sends, Tempo, Device Parameters, Panning...

Build your perfect Script from
Our huge set of options
Integrate your MIDI Gear with Ableton Live in far deeper ways than ever before.


Create Groups of mappings

Mode Selector

Switch between groups of mappings


Add custom feedback to your MIDI Controller

Session Box

Create your own custom sizable 'Red Box'.

Session Box Navigation

Move your custom Red Box around your Session. Scroll or move to specific position.

Highlight Navigation

Control the position of the highlighted Track & Scene. We have options to Scroll with knobs, move with buttons or select a specific Track / Scene.

Device Navigation

Easily navigate through your Devices on the selected track or a specific track number.

Tap Tempo

Tap out the Tempo of your Song on your MIDI Controller.


Change the Song Tempo with any input on your Controller. Set minimum and maximum Tempo range.

Nudge Up

Control Live's Nudge Up.

Nudge Down

Control Live's Nudge Down.


Turn the Metronome on and off with the click of a button or turn of a knob.


Start playback with your own custom Play button.


Stop Playback in your own way.

Arrangement Record

Total control of Live's Arrangement Record button.

Midi Arrangement Overdub

Turn Overdub on and off whenever and wherever you need it.

Session Record

Utilise Ableton Live's Session Record button to alternate between playback and overdub recording for clips.


Made a mistake? setup an Undo Button on your Controller.


Maybe it wasn't a mistake after all! redo you last change.

Arrangement Loop on/off

Turn Live's Loop Switch on and off using any control on your Equipment

Arrangement Punch in

Setup your own Punch in Button, hit it, jab it, just don't break it.

Arrangement Punch Out

Set a Punch Out Button ready for action.

Track Selector

Total dynamic control over your Mixer, Returns, Selected Track & Master Track. Every control can use these options, Volume, Sends and so on...


Control it with a knob or a button, set Minium and Maximum Values.


Total panning control on an track. Use knobs, buttons and set Min / Max range.


Turn the Track Activator on and off for any track with the press of a button or turn of a knob.


Instantly Solo a track. Complete convenience.


Control Live's 'Arm Session Recording' button on any track.


Control every single Send on every single track.

Device Selector

Complete Device control. Control a device on the selected track or on a specific track. Control Devices on Return, Master, Mixer and Selected Tracks. You can even select Devices nested inside Chains.

Device Parameter Bank

Create multiple Banks of Device Parameters of any size. Need to control 24 Parameters for a Device but only have 12 Knobs on your Controller? use Device banks. Set the Params you want to control in each bank.

Device Parameter Bank Navigation

Change the active 'Device Parameter bank'. Give your knobs multiple Device Parameter functions.

Device On/Off

Turn any Device on and off.

Select Device

Instantly display and highlight any Device on any track. Selecte Track or specific Track.

Control Surface Studio
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