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Clip slot problm

Submitted by Luc on Sun, 02/13/2022 - 14:28
Control Surface Studio User

Hi , i try to achieve something that seems not to complicated but it does not work
After watching one tuto that let select track regarding his name (and it works flawesly) , i want to loop throught the clips slot of this track .
Then i tried to list the clip slot of the track and add a condition to make something when it shows something regarding the clip slot.
here when the clip slot is playing it logs "coucou"
I tried to set the track with the modifier m1 (from the tutorial explaining how to sel the modifier regarding the list 1) and count the clip slot in a list 2.
then had bugs and simply do it with track 1. then bugs and finally clear almost everything and just let the
Condition : "loop" with "clip slots" on the track 1..
and i had the same bug.

The clip slot loop is bugged or i am doing things wrong ?

the are 2 reactions before that work great , the ones that let me select a track regarding his name and put his number in modifier.
Thanks !

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Control Surface Studio User

Finally for the loop i used the "" for the loop ; "[self.get_modifier_value("m1")].clip_slots[loop_number].has_clip == True" for the condition
and it works this way. Then it's cool ( i think it works..:) )
Still does the "clip slots" in loop is bugged ?

Pro User

In fact Luc, when you are looping Clip Slots - it's not really just Clip Slots.. There's a pointer Finger to the left of "Clip Stops" (see your screen capture). When you click that you decide if you are looping through clip slots on one track or clip slots in one scene..

Still not sure how to iterate ALL clip slots in the current session..

Pro User

I also have this problem.

loop clip slots on tracks seems to produce an unavoidable error of invalid syntax. I've tried stripping down to ONLY a loop clip slots (relative, relative and visible, visible) - no condition and no action - with no joy.

Has anyone used "Loop" Clip Slots on tracks?

John C
Forum Admin