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Arrangement Transport XL and Locators

Submitted by EGGG'S on Sun, 08/28/2022 - 12:21
Control Surface Studio User

Hello Remotify team and community !

On my Launchkey MK3, I had been missing those features in Arrangement view :

- Rewind & Fast Forward (with two pads sending MIDI CC)
- Set and navigate thru locators (with Three pads sending MIDI CC)

I saw this Topic, and could adapt to my Pads sending MIDI CC :

But..., how can I do to have a "repeat" behaviour if I keep my pads pressed ?
At this time, I used two pads to move -1/1 bar, and two others to move -8/8 bars.
Thanks in advance for your replies.


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Forum Admin

unfortunately there's no way to automatically repeat a behaviour at this time.