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How to turn an LED on/off depending on position of Ableton Live’s master track volume

Whether you’re performing in front of a crowd or practicing at home, being able to quickly see the current status of an Ableton Live parameter directly on your MIDI Controller is a great way to keep you in the zone and avoids the need to constantly switch over to your laptop screen and start clicking around.

Which leads us onto this question from one of our users: mamajuana.

How to set a single button to control Ableton Live’s Play & Stop

Combining Play and Stop into one 1 button on your controller is a great space saving trick. Why do they need to be separate anyway? lets see how this can be done with an Ableton Script built in Control Surface Studio.

Although they are separate mapping types in Control Surface Studio, its pretty simple to set play and stop to the same button.
There are a couple of ways that this can be achieved which we will go through below. 

Building an Ableton Live Script for the Midi Fighter Twister

One of the most popular Midi Controllers amongst our users here on remotify is the classic offering from DJ Techtools, the Midi Fighter Twister. This amazingly compact controller provides you with 16 hi-resolution, grippable, push button encoders which are just begging for you to add to your custom Ableton Live setup. 

Reactions Reference Guide

Listeners, Conditions & Reactions

This table contains details of all options for the 3 Reaction types: Listener, Conditions & Reactions. Usage: The Table has horizontal and vertical scrolling. The columns are split into 3 by colour. Red = Listener, Light Blue = Condition, Dark Blue = Reaction. X = Not available for that Reaction type.

Control Surface Studio | Changelog

Fixed issue with relative encoders not firing functionality when turned.

Selected Clip Quantization added.