Step by Step Tutorial

Copy and Paste Mappings

John Carney's picture by John Carney last updated Feb 24, 2019

Right click on your Volume Mapping then click ‘Copy’

Copy Mapping

To Paste a copy of this mapping, right click on the parent Track Mapping and click ‘Paste’.
You will now have 2 Volume mappings.

Paste Mapping

You can also copy groups of mappings, right click on the Track Mapping and click ‘Copy’.
On the parent ‘Mode’ mapping, right click and select ‘Paste’.

It’s important to note that copy and paste uses the Mapping Hierarchy.
You can only paste ‘Volume’ mappings, inside Track Mappings.

You can use the Mapping Type Menu as a visual reference for the Mapping Hierarchy.
Mappings which are greyed out cannot be added to that level, whereas coloured Mappings can be added.

Mapping Hierarchy

Paste will be greyed out if the copied Mapping cannot pasted in the selected level.

cannot paste