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Control Surface Studio | Changelog

Remotify Team's picture by Remotify Team last updated Mar 16, 2021

*Note: Server Updates relate to changes completed on our backend server. You do not need to update your App in order to utilise these changes.

Server updates



  • Ableton Live 11 would crash when attemping to move the session box to a position of less than 0
  • cur_val, pre_val and prev_press_time are now initialised on script load, as Ableton Live 11 / Python 3 reports errors if these are missing (this wouldn't happen in Live 10) - this fix has been applied to all Python versions.

Version 2.5.6



  • Scripts can now be compiled for Ableton Live 11 (Python 3)
  • Ability to select Python version in settings menu
  • Support for multiple Python versions... 2.5 (Ableton Live < v9.5), 2.7 (Ableton Live > v9.5 and < v11) , 3.x (Ableton Live v11+) 


  • Script generation for Ableton Live 9.2.3 (Python v2.5)
  • Multiple autosaves causing saved json to become malformed (scripts disappearing in App)
  • layout of 'Device Parameter Banking' menu

Version 2.5.5



  • 'Crossfader' mapping type
  • 'A/B Crossfade Assign' mapping type
  • 'Cue Volume' mapping type

Server updates



  • Added import file. Users can add a file into their script folder (in Live's midi remote scripts folder) and the file will be automatically imported into the script.


Version 2.5.41



  •  json importing was failing on Windows operating systems.

Version 2.5.4



  • In mapping and input menus, make close button stay visible at the top.


  • In Script Manager, the 'add mode' button would stop working after clicking an 'add mapping' button.
  • using 'csslog' in reactions to log to the CSS Log, it was outputting to the log twice.

Version 2.5.3



  • The width and height of panels inside CSS can now be increased/decreased by dragging their edges.
  • Settings forms now appear in a separate panel in the bottom right section of the App. 
  • The contents of the Script & Controller Managers respond in width to the size of the panel.
  • Button added for reloading CSS.
  • Names of controller inputs now display in tooltips when you hover them in the midi controller panel.
  • Tooltips added for all icons in the app.
  • Auto fix functionality added for json files containing an extra closing bracket at end of the file.


  • If a script or controller .json file cannot be displayed or auto fixed (see above). An error message appears with details of the issue. 
  • Knobs in the midi controller were slowing performance of the App down, these have now been replaced with a much more lightweight option. 
  • As part of streamlining workflow, when in script manager view, its no longer possible to change selection (the blue outline) by clicking an input in midi controller view.
  • The logout text link is now changed to an icon.


  • Mappings in the script manager were becoming duplicated. This was happening in a variety of situations which have all now been fixed.
  • When a controller template contained two or more groups of 'Keys', one would often not be movable.
  • When adding multiple sets of pads or keys in a controller template, the name/number combination of inputs are now increased correctly, preventing duplicated input names.
  • The pads visual now updates correctly when you change the amount of rows / columns it contains.
  • Default script now downloads correctly on first App load. 
  • Install button would sometimes not work when you first create a new script or have just imported one.
  • Unable to assign a script to use controller template which was originally duplicated from another controller.
  • The default MIDI type for buttons, pads and keys is now set to 'Note'.
  • Plus many minor bug and stability fixes. 


Server updates


  • Fixed issue where Session boxes would disappear when Ableton Live 10.1.14 is reloaded. 
  • Fixed issue with relative encoders not firing functionality when turned.


  • Selected Clip Quantization added.

Version 2.5.2


  • Fixed issue where controllers would become detached from scripts if controllers are moved around/re-ordered in the controller manager.
  • Fixed an issue with Duplication in script manager. If you moved a duplicated mapping into another mode, the duplicate button would stop working / multiple mappings would become highlighted / the script would no longer be usable.
  • Fixed issue with Delay option not working for Device On/Off mappings.



  • Reactions: Assigning a Listener to a controller input now creates all required code for the reaction to fire (meaning dummy mappings are no longer needed).
  • Reactions: added 'self' as an option.
  • Reactions: In select lists for Listeners, Conditions & Reactions, only available options for each type are in select lists.
  • Reactions: cur_val (current value) is now available for use in reaction conditions.

Server update

  • Fixed an issue with right rotation not working for relative controls controlling volume.

Version 2.5.1

  • In Controller Manager: Pads, '1' and '5' added as options. (351)
  • In settings menu, added a browse button next to 'MIDI Remote Script Folder Location' (346)
  • Error Log now displays error messages correctly for Ableton Live 10. (319)
  • Fixed issue where all Controller Input options would be removed in script when a Controller input is duplicated. (331)
  • When a 'knob' is added to controller, its size is auto set to 4. Previously it had no setting so was not displaying correctly when first added. (348)
  • Fixed issue where visual MIDI Controller is not being refreshed when knob or encoder size is changed. (347)
  • Issue fixed where button had no width/height default when it is changed from round to square the first time. (349).
  • Fixed issue where deleting a control in the Controller Manager does not immediately delete it from the MIDI Controller Area (350)
  • User is now prevented from generating scripts which contain mappings beginning with a number as this breaks the script. (318)
  • User is now prevented from using a controller which contains inputs that have duplicate MIDI data (channel, type and value. (353)
  • This error now provides a user friendly/descriptive message 'get_controller_input error: no matching input found for 215 called by attach_it"' (335)
  • Added more full descriptions to controller and script import errors. (343)
  • 'Register' and 'forgotten password' links now go directly to website. (352)

Server update 

  • Fixed Session Box LEDs not updating when Session Box is moved.

Version 2.5


  • Remember username/password details in Login Form (197)
  • Session Box: Offset
  • Session Box: Combination Mode (179)
  • Session Box: LED Feedback (203)
  • New Controller Input Types: Endless Encoder, LED Display, Text Input. (198)
  • Duplicate & Delete Buttons (200)
  • Ask ‘are you sure’ before deleting mappings / inputs. (225)
  • MIDI Controller area scrolling to selected Input (220)
  • Select Mapping's 'Controller Input’ from MIDI Controller Area. (237)
  • Added ability to click and drag Controller Inputs (In Controller Manager only). Inputs snap to grid positions. (199)
  • Drag and Drop functionality for Script Mappings & Controller Inputs (201)
  • Scripts now have Global LED Settings
  • Controllers now have default LED on / off values.
  • Added Bi-Directional LED Feedback (218)
  • Added Bi-Directional LED Feedback for:
  • - Mode
  • - Track
  • - Selected Track
  • - Device
  • - Device bank
  • - Device Parameter
  • - Session Box
  • - Session Box Navigation
  • - Tracks Relative to Session Box
  • - Highlight Navigation
  • - Parameter Banking
  • - Tempo
  • - Nudge Up
  • - Nudge Down
  • - Metronome
  • - Play
  • - Stop
  • - Arrangement Record
  • - Arrangement Loop
  • - Punch in
  • - Punch Out
  • - Volume
  • - Pan
  • - Mute
  • - Solo
  • - Arm
  • - Send
  • - Device On/Off
  • When Active Mode is changed, the global/controller LED Off value is sent to all inputs. (254)
  • The names of 'Color Assignments’ in the attached Controller are now added to ‘LED Feedback’ On/Off select lists. (278)


  • Reactions bug. Fixed if you select a 'LOM' option as a Listener, it resets the 'Reactions' menu option to 'show message. (207)
  • Make all Controls "exist" on modes even if no functionality is attached (239)
  • Fixed Copy and Paste on Mac. (148)
  • Fixed Import panels not closing when user clicks outside of them / changes between script & controller manager. (219)
  • Fixed 'Controller Input' Selection Keeps Changing. (230)
  • Display message on mappings if no controller attached. (242)
  • In the Custom Control section of mapping settings forms. First is now set as 0 by default instead of 1. (233)
  • Fixed Delete only working occasionally. (248)
  • In Session Box, only buttons are selectable. Fixes broken Session Box issue. (228)
  • Fixed Scripts hardcoding global 'Off' LED/Velocity Value as 4. (206)
  • Fixed MIDI Monitor Bug where the last open settings form was still being updated by incoming MIDI Messages. (253)
  • Improved functionality of 'Session Box Navigation’ when used with ‘Invert’ option.
  • Fixed 'Mode Selector’ bug where Script would error if selected Mode had been deleted. Installation now stops and returns an error message if selected Mode does not exist.(257)
  • Fixed Session Box issue which was causing errors when the attached Controller is changed. (214)
  • Fixed an issue with Tempo where Tempo would snap to 80bpm and stay fixed there. (271)
  • Fixed an issue with Knob/Range/Absolute style controls being used with On/Off Mapping types immediately setting the Control to off as soon as you turn the Knob. Now, the control will only turn off when the ‘Off’ Velocity value is reached and turn on when the ‘On’ Velocity Value is reached. (286)
  • Prevented Scripts from erroring when tracks or Scenes are added and then removed in the UI. (295)
  • In Session Box, UI now prevents duplicate inputs being selected for either Clips, Scenes or Track stops. This was causing scripts to error previously. (294)
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Stop All’ Button in Session Box needed to have a section. (227)


  • Default Selections for Navigation/Selector Mappings. By default we now have 'select track/scene number’ selected and a value entered in the accompanying input box. Previously ‘Scroll’ was selected by default.
  • This applies to the following mapping types: Mode Selector, Session Box Navigation, Highlight Navigation, Parameter Banking. (261)
  • iteration number is automatically added for Send and Device Parameters. (231)
  • On selected track change in Live, update Controller with new Velocity Values. (232)
  • Increased number of available Knobs and Buttons to 256. (235)
  • Added a green line next to Script Manager and a white line next to Controller Manager to help prevent confusion between which Manager is currently being viewed. (273)
  • An error message is returned if a Script fails to install into the set 'MIDI Remote Script' folder. (279)
  • Panning Defaults are now 0 & 100%. (284)
  • For Sends & Device Parameters, ‘Minimum’ Field is now above Maximum which is consistent with other Mapping Types. (284)
  • Improved details returned by Error Messages in the App. (296)

Server update

  • Akai MIDIMIx Controller File: Fixed some incorrect MIDI Values.

Version 2.4.1

  • Added Buttons to easily Export Script & Controller Json Files. (192)
  • Fixed bug which was overriding other other Apps from using CMD+R keyboard shortcut. (196)
  • Fixed issue with Reactions log and show message selections were being lost after switching to another mapping. (194)
  • Fixed issue with Reaction, Devices, Sends names reseting to default when increasing / decreasing the number of Reaction, Devices, Sends. (189)
  • Fixed MIDI Monitor issue which was updating MIDI Values for settings forms that were not currently displayed. (190)

Version 2.4 


  • Fixed disappearing Controllers Issue.
  • Fixed New Controllers not being saved.
  • Fixed Controller Input MIDI Messages keep reseting.
  • Fixed Controller Input values not being saved.
  • Fixed Controller Inputs being duplicated.
  • Increased number of buttons and knobs to 100.
  • Fixed auto generated location of log.txt file on Windows.
  • Reaction Bugs Fixed.
  • Fixed broken Device on/off code.


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