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Why is my stuff disappearing

Submitted by albert.traxx on Mon, 01/23/2023 - 22:04
Control Surface Studio User

Hey guys,

had a bit of a learning curve and was getting hyped - but now i realized that from time to time stuff disappears in my modes. This is so frustrating. Its a nice idea but far from working stable. Pretty unhappy that i paid for the software spent 4 days learning it to realize that my shit gets broken from self.

Anybody else with these problems?

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Control Surface Studio User

No i get this error when installing the script.

get_device_chain_target error: we cant currently handle device selectors of type: . Called by config_module

Forum Admin

Can you try creating a new script, and copy all of your modes to it - you can just drag and drop the ones in your current script or duplicate them then move.
- Then try installing the new script.