Who is using Ableton 10 & Remotify?

Submitted by John Carney on Fri, 06/01/2018 - 12:31
John Carney
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Hey all, Just wondering if many of you are using Ableton 10 and are Remotify scripts working ok for you? Any feedback would be extremely helpful and will of course be listened to :) Thanks John

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Hi John,

Everything is running as expected in Ableton 10 ;)
Let me know if you need any details.

Glad if I can help.

All the best,

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I've discovered just yesterday this app and I wish I would discovered earlier it would save me some pain.

Anyway, I'm using Ableton 10.2. So far so good. I've made a few post pointing out some stuff, I don't know if there is a but or someting...
in short. if I use group tracks, the tracks number for Remotify differs from when the that group track is expanded or not. I wasn't having this problem with the regular Ableton's midi mapping. I kinda get why is doing that but would be nice to find a way around that. Imagine if by mistake i forget live to expand or not to expand a track: disaster.

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Seems to work so far on Ableton 10. But after the update to Ableton Live 10.0.2 I experienced, that I have to reinstall the remote script.

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Sometimes the script takes varying amounts of time to 'wake up' and upon opening the program (never more than 10-15 seconds), but otherwise no recurring problems with Ableton 10 - one instance where a script had to be reinstalled but no issues after that.

Thanks, John!

John Carney
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Thanks for the responses.
Yeah that's a good point about needing to reinstall.
Upgrading to new versions of Ableton Live could cause the midi remote script folder to be overwritten.
Always keep backups outside the Live Folder :)

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I didn´t need to reinstall any of my scripts for the 10.0.2 Update, but 10.0.2 seems to be a little buggy? In 8 of 10 cases Live crashes, when i close it.

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I just discovered after quite a few days and many hours installing and reinstalling different versions of Ableton and VSTS that my slow down problem in Live 10 was mi script of the Livid DS1. I´m happy to find it, but very sad about it. I´ll check if a new one do the same.

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I just making again from scratch the script and I found that is the Device Macros that cause the slow down / lagging effect. :(:(:(:(

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Am I being ignored? Yes I am!

John Carney
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Hi xustaka ,

Thanks for reporting this.
The way we handle devices is completely different in the upcoming new version of the app, so hopefully this solves your slow down issue.