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Where is the user library of mappings?

Submitted by bonusbeats on Mon, 11/20/2023 - 04:56
Control Surface Studio User

Why can't I easily find a user library of mappings on the forum?

It would seem like a good marketing decision to not allow this on the website as it would make it too easy to come and grab mappings rather then buying the CSS app.

That would be kind of a disservice to all the people that have got on board with this long haul of learning and using this app.

I can see how the easy answer to this question would be they can be linked inside a forum post but I also see how the Akai Midi Mix thing is promoted and sold via emails and website but that thing is so cheap and weak that I can't consider it to be a real option in the studio or live performance.

Again can I get a link to the area where I can purchase mappings?

I think you could make more money selling mappings then an app that only nerds like us want to dabble in.

Honesty if there was a website that had every mapping for any controller you could dream of my bank account would be dry and my room would be filled with plastic midi controllers ,

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2 Responses


Forum Admin

Hi bonusbeats,

Can you explain a bit more what you mean by purchasing mappings?
I'm thinking of a 'mapping' as 1 control, i.e. pressing a button to start recording.
This would then need to be added to a script, which is essentially a collection of mappings.



Control Surface Studio User

I believe bonusbeats is referring to a place where CSS users can download full premade scripts instead of reinventing the wheel for their controller. This would allow CSS users to pick apart premade scripts and change mappings to their personal taste. I have already started a thread about this here - https://remotify.io/community/question/place-share-elaborate-scripts-pro...

Wim was kind enough to create a Google Drive location with instructions on how to share and download shared scripts. I encourage you to check it out from that community thread link.

Regarding the potential concern of people not needing CSS if there is already an archive of premade scripts - I think this would be prevented by sharing only the CSS script which would then need to be imported using CSS to create a useable control surface script into Ableton's 'Midi Remote Scripts' folder. This seems like it would be a requirement anyway because there would likely be adjustments needed to get premade scripts working properly for each individual user and their specific needs/controllers.

I do agree that the Akai Midi Mix script from Remotify seems nice for owners of that device but it's not for me personally. I hope to perhaps see many more controller-specific scripts offered by Remotify. With the infinite combinations of controllers that people would like to customize, it definitely seems necessary for there to be a source for user made scripts that people can draw inspiration from. I think this would attract more people to CSS by reducing the intense learning curve.