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Welcome to our new Community Forum

Submitted by John Carney on Mon, 11/14/2016 - 17:15
John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi and welcome to our new Community Forum. We decided to put this together in order to have a public place where all of you eager midi remote script creators can discuss topics related to Remotify and to learn from eachother.

If you have questions regarding your own midi remote scripts, you can attach various file types to your comments, jpgs/pngs, json files and .txt files. This will help us and other users better understand your issue.

You can add your own avatar by going to your account page and uploading an image.

We will create a Forum Topic for each Update and feature which we release.
They will initially have the prefix [Public Beta] until such time has passed without any new bugs, issues etc related to the Topic.
If you have any questions about a new update/feature, have discovered a bug then please post a comment in its Forum Topic.


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Pro User

Hi John,

I would like to have some infos about remotify before I jump in and purchase anything.
First, is there any traces of development and maintenance since the website have been release? I am looking here at new features ans bug fixes. The forum seems quite new and quiet so far.
You guys understand that abandonnedware is quite comon and money is hard earned.

Second, would you be kind to share with us some of the things you guys are working on and coming to remotify in a near future?

I am somehow looking for what might releive me from my strong allergy to paid subscrption website.

Thanks for letting us know :)


John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi Philippe,

No problem, well we've been adding fixes and minor updates to the App since its launch early this year.

We haven't publicly documented changes although now you mention it, this is probably a good idea!

Our biggest update since launch came about a month ago, which was some major new device control features. You can find details of it here:
This was a major achievement as it required a massive re-write of the codebase as well as countless weeks of heads banging against walls :) plus we came out of it with some unique options that I haven't seen anywhere else (ability to control specific devices on the currently selected track)

We also developed and launched this very forum we're chatting on right now. We take user feedback very seriously, its what drives the App forward and we prioritise new development based on feedback.
I get emails every day from users and felt it such a waste that nobody else can read and input into the conversations which is why this happened. So hopefully more people will begin to use it as a method of communication rather than only emailing me (which is still fine of course).

Our current/next piece of major work for the App is improvements to the session box.
There's a lot of questions and options for improvement around this so we want to get it nailed.
We also have a long long list of new features and improvements, some will happen others are maybe and a small few are probably more like science fiction at the moment haha.

I hope this helps.


Free User

Hi there, ;)

Thanks for the app and the forum.
I am wondering if I can use Remotify to have a work around this particular issue.
I am trying to "midi map" a single parameter to multiple midi devices (a KMI Softstep & to a Lemur template.) Actually, I want to launch the clips on certain channels. ( e.g. Piano clip 1 or 2 and bass clip 1 or 2) by both of the above midi controllers so that I can control using foot and hand. If I'm not wrong Ableton doesn't allow a single parameter to be mapped to multiple devices.
Therefore, will I able to get this done using Remotify Pro?

Thanks a lot in advance :)

John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi Ahmed,

As long as you're using separate midi remote scripts for the Softstep & Lemur then yes you should have no problem doing this. Its only limited to a single parameter when using the internal mapping mode.



Free User

Thanks for the prompt reply John. I understand what you mean.
So currently I am trying to map a "clip slot button/clip record button" parameters ( Which is already assigned to Lemur and as per your suggestion above I am trying to create a separate-midi remote scripts for the Softstep only instead of Lemur, as I really like the way it is mapped already )
But I couldn't see a relevant type of mapping for "clip slot button/clip record button " parameters from the "session category which only has "session box" and "session navigation"
How can proceed?

Kind regards.

upload files: 
John Carney
Forum Admin

Can you use the session box for this and set all of the inputs you don't want to unused midi values?
There's no option to create a single clip slot button unfortunately.
Does that help?

Free User

Hi John,
That seems like a good workaround to trick the system. I have tried it and it worked flawlessly. Huge thanks to you and Remotify for finding the middle between scripting and noobs like me. I have subscribed to Pro in order to access to "session box" and I am a happy customer.
Will post once again if I need help again.
Thanks again :)

John Carney
Forum Admin

Great I'm glad it worked for you and thank you for your kind words Ahmed,
positive comments are a huge boost for us adn I'm glad I could help you get the functionality you're after!
p.s. welcome to Remotify as a Pro! :)


Free User

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