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Web app out of date?

Submitted by jonfelix on Thu, 10/14/2021 - 23:56
Control Surface Studio User

Is our web app still working with Live 11? I notice most of the help pages are dated 2018. I was considering the full CSS but wanted to try the free web app first to see how it works. Well, it doesn't. Tried everything - script imported into Ableton fine but it never works. Also Ableton doesn't seem to have the log.txt file mentioned so I cannot check any error messages. I have searched everywhere for this file (hidden files are unhidden), but no log file for Ableton.

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Control Surface Studio User

weird ya I paid and it still seems like a web app but just with a icon short cut for launching it.

Forum Admin

The web app only works with Ableton Live 9 and 10.
Control Surface Studio works with 9, 10 and 11

Control Surface Studio User

Thankyou John C. That explains it. Pity though - wanted to see how the system worked before committing to CSS, They should have explained that on their web site. Looks like nothing much has been updated on it for ages. They should offer a free trial or limited functionality on CSS. Only way I would consider it now. Cheers