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Wanting to confirm that my Ableton midi preferences are set correctly

Submitted by POTM on Tue, 02/01/2022 - 08:13
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Hello (again!),

Making some progress, but now stuck once again,

So far I've been able to map a bunch of parameters and send the script to Ableton.

I then opened a synth (Bazille) and opened the configuration tab at the bottom of Ableton and clicked on "configure."

Following this, I clicked on a bunch of parameters on the synth itself, to population the configuration tab.

However, turning the knobs on my Launch Control doesn't do anything - they don't start moving the synth's parameters. Ableton is indicating that the Launch Control is sending midi signals, so I'm good there. I also thought I'd set up the preferences correctly, but I think there must be an error there given my lack of success.

I'm attaching a couple of screenshots for reference. If spot anything wonky, please let me know. If it looks fine, I'd appreciate if you let me know where I should look next in order to troubleshoot this.

Many thanks in advance!


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Hello Stephane,

In order to be able to move the parameters from Bazille, you first have to make a script in CSS that recognizes your soft synth. You can watch a tutorial on how to do this video at

In the 'Preferences' window of Ableton, you only want to set 'Track' and 'Remote' on for the Launch Control XL.
'Sync' should normally be turned off.
Also if you activate 'Sync' on both input and output of the same device, you will create MIDI feedback. I see a lot of 'Sync' on's in the screenshot. Better to not activate them if you don't need them.
I also see in that screenshot that you have two midi in- and outputs of your Launch Control XL. Make sure you select the correct one.
I wish you succes!

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Hi 303,

When you say "make a script" I'm think you mean using Control Surface Studio (for example), right? I've done that and successfully sent that to Ableton.

In terms of selecting the correct Launch Control i/o, I'm given two choices: "Launch Control" and "Launch Control HUI."

I'm not sure which to pick, but I've tried all possible combinations (I think) and I'm still not getting any communication happening between the synth for which I created the script and my Launch Control.

I really appreciate your help, as even though I've sent an email to Remotify directly asking to assistance, I've unfortunately not received a reply...

Kind regards

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Nevermind... I think I've gotten it to work. Virtual synth knobs are mirroring what I'm moving on the Launch Control... Progress!

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Well, I don't think I have it quite right after all. I was mistakenly using the softsynth's midi assign function (clicking on a parameter and then twisting a knob on the Launch Control).

So to recap:

I can see my script is loaded and I've selected the correct control surface and midi ports (see screenshot).

I restarted Ableton, loaded an instance of the softsynth associated with the CSS script and made sure its track is armed.

I opened the softsynth and configured a bunch of parameters. I got out of configuration mode and... no dice. The Launch Control is not controlling anything unfortunately.

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Great to hear that you are making progress!

I would suggest using the (first) "Launch Control XL" and not the HUI because I guess the midi settings will be easier to implement in the "Controller Templates". That also means that your script in "Controller Templates" needs to be set up with that midi port.

After looking at the online manual of the Launch Control XL, I saw you can choose between 8 factory and 8 user templates. Choose one (anyone) that you will use with CSS and stick with that one. (You can always change templates for use with other programs, but whenever you use a CSS script, make sure you have the right template selected in your controller.)

When I mailed Remotify, I always got an answer. Since the developer was also answering emails, I guess depending on the workload it could take some time to have an answer. Anyway, the forum is the ideal place for your question. Now other people who have a similar issue will be helped immediately. ;-)

It is not needed to have the track armed for CSS script to function.

So I would try the following:
1) Choose a template on your Launch Control XL you will use for CSS (a factory template or a user template that you can create with the "Launch Control XL Template Editor")

2) In CSS go to "Controller Templates" and put in the correct "MIDI Message Settings" for each input (knob, slider, button)

3) Use the script 'Log device parameter names' to see for instance what the parameter for Bazille's 'filter 1 cutoff' is -->

4) Use the result in the log to populate a 'Parameter Bank' -->

5) Install the script in Ableton, Make sure that both 'Track' and 'Remote' are active on the input and output of "Launch Control XL"

Now you should be able to use your Launch Control XL to edit Bazille!
Happy tweaking!

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Thanks for your detailed reply!

I think I followed your recommendations correctly... however, when I turn a knob on the Launch Control, I'm now getting an error message from Ableton: "this control does not exist in your session"

Please see attached screenshot.

If you're up for it, any suggestions as to what I should look into next would be much appreciated.

By the way, I do try to figure this stuff out on my own before I post here, just to be clear. It's really just that I'm coming up empty... so I post! :)



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Hello Stephane,
No worries, you are right, that is what forums are for ;-)

That is an error I have not come across yet. I am trying to replicate, but no luck so far.

Maybe, if you have changed a template in Launchpad, try unplugging the Launchpad and restart Ableton, or maybe even restart your computer?

Otherwise, I suspect it has something to do with an adjustment in 'Controller Templates'. Are the 'MIDI Type', 'MIDI Channel' and 'MIDI Value' correct? Use the 'MIDI learn' function for entering the correct 'Type', 'Channel' and 'Value' values. Don't forget to turn off 'MIDI learn' when your controller template is set up.

If this still does not work, look if there is something in the log?

Till soon.

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Thanks for your reply. I'll have a look at that. :)