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Volume Meter

Submitted by verdeal on Sat, 12/05/2020 - 15:11
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I've been trying to make a volume meter for a while, to display on a button, but I'm not able to. I have tried to do it via reactions (starting from but I am not able. How can I display the actual volume of a track? I want to know visually if a track is emitting sound, and how much.

Thanks in advance!

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John C
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This isn't currently possible. However, we're busy on massive improvements to reactions which will take big steps in enabling the ability to add VU Meter feedback.


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That would be perfect.
I will look forward to it.

Thanks for all the work you do.!!

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Is there already a way to make a Vu Meter? For a Midi Fighter Twister, for example.

John C
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Yes there is, see this discussion:

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So, should I not continue attempting this. I am curious if I will need a second midi script to turn off the LEDs once the value has fallen below the threshold or if, once the statement is no longer true, since it is set to momentary, will it just turn off. Assuming it treats the value change on the meter as an event. Although I could just use an envelope follower if that is the case.... But honestly it doesn't make sense that it use to work and now it doesn't, unless it was purposefully coded to not allow meter changes to output to a controller and its using a watchdog, or like anti-cheat software... But then it wouldn't work on a midi fighter... But frankly the only reason I got CSS was to add a VU meter to the APC40. Although I could see a conflict if the bank option was being used, since it changes the internal midi channel routing, which would 100% need to be static. More than likely someone needs to make a binary index, or binary matrix or whatever you want to call it, that takes into account every possible state in the active matrix. Which is thankfully only 8x1 per channel, and its linear.
11100000 etc...
So a single threshold should be all that's needed to control whether the LED is on or off. Although I am anticipating the need for root means square, and I am pretty sure Ableton is dbFS, which could be an without the right formula, or a way to implement it... Which could be an issue if your adding it to CSS's functionality, capitalism and all. Either way, I do hope my code works and now I am concerned that it won't... which makes me sad =C. But if I get it to work,