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Virtual Controller

Submitted by markgb on Wed, 01/26/2022 - 17:23
Control Surface Studio User

How could I nest controllers/scripts or create "virtual" controllers?

As examples:
Suppose I have 2 physical knobs, but I always want to treat them as a single controller, where the first knob does coarse control and the second does fine control. Now if my hardware actually has 16 physical knobs, I can have 8 of these virtualized knobs.
If I have 4 columns of pads, I could rig up each column as a virtual fader (with some custom rules about how each pad increases/decreases the virtual fader).


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Forum Admin

Hello Mark,

Example 1;
I think it will depend on what controller you want to control.
I have not tried it out, but I guess you can do that in 2 ways;

An elegant way by creating a single 'Reaction' with an 'if loop'. So that 'Reaction' listens to the first knob, catches its (coarse) value (knob's latest velocity) and dependent on the coarse value goes to different 'input min' and 'input max' range settings of 'get value from ranges'. For example, if the coarse value is 18, then 'get value from ranges' inputs are for instance between 0 and 32.

Another way would be to create multiple 'Reactions' for the second button which all listen to knob 1 and change the input range of 'get value from ranges' for each 'Reaction'

Example 2:
Yes, you could use a 'Track - set volume value' for each pad, the more pads you have in a single column, the smoother the increase/decrease will be. If you have 5 pads for 1 column, the values of the pads could for instance be: 0.2 - 0.4 - 0.6 - 0.8 - 1.