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Submitted by rhythmhead on Tue, 10/23/2018 - 03:31
Pro User

Just wondering when expect version 2 to come out. Just noticed you aren't selling Remoitfy until version 2 drops. I have some students that would like to purchase but can't.

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I was interested in release date as well, also if Pro users will have it as free update, or need to buy second version new...
But unfortunately no feedback...=(

Free User

yes, same here!
I'm working on a big project where remotify would be very very helpful!
I don't know if I'd better wait or not...

John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi guys,

Sorry for the silence recently, but do be reassured that this is due to the major development we have underway for the new version of the App. Except to start seeing details on here and the facebook page in the next couple of weeks.


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nice !!!

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If you are looking for testers please let me know ;) I am a Ableton certified instructor that currently alpha tests for Ableton. I also work for a music software company, so I am familiar with he development cycle ;) Super excited for the new version.

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I hope v.2 is free for Pro users. I feel like I just got Remotify, and I've had so many glitches with v.1, so I'm hoping v.2 will fix them.

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Waiting with a lot of expectation !!

Pro User

up ;)
any ETA ?

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..." in the next couple of weeks" seems to be a very extensible term.... =(

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Yeah ! Happy 2019 Remotify :)
Sending you good vibes for finishing (i hope polishing ;) ) Remotify v2.
Really hope to see it soon <3
Again, all the best for 2019.