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Value Scaling not Working

Submitted by bolekkowalczyk on Sun, 01/31/2021 - 13:02
Control Surface Studio User

Unfortunately Value Scaling is not working for me. For example when i have a macro on 70% and the knob on 0%, and i turn the knob from 0% to 100% to 0% and so on the values of the macro always reach different values. I made a video to show what i mean. I was always turning the knob just from 0% to 100%. Also seems like the speed in which you turn the knob makes a difference. In the end often after many turns from 0 to 100 it finds its way back to normal behaviour. But this way its not usable for me when i play live gigs. I use a MC24 by Naked Boards. Is this a bug or am i wrong with something here? How to fix it?

Here the video:

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