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Using the LOM to grab control from a script

Submitted by gross9978 on Mon, 09/06/2021 - 18:18
Control Surface Studio User

Hi, I’ve made several scripts that have all worked well using CSS, that parts great. My question has to do with using max for live and the LOM to grab parts of my script for use in certain devices. Normally I can grab controls from a script temporarily, on a push 2 it’s pretty straight forward and the controls can be listed in the Max console but when I do the same thing with a script I wrote for a midifighter twister I get a return of “0” controls only component IDs. My understanding is that the controls have to be written into the script in order to show up that way. Finally my question haha- Does CSS write the controls into the script this way or is there an extra step I’d need to take in CSS to enable this? Hopefully that made since, thanks for any help:)

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