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Unable to launch clips using "clip slot - fire" in Reactions, and a couple of other questions

Submitted by mchataway on Sat, 01/07/2023 - 13:14
Control Surface Studio User

Hi there,

Enjoying the software so far, currently creating a custom control script for my MIDI Fighter Twister.

I've got some of the functionality I'm after, but still missing some things, especially being able to fire/launch clips in the session view, and maybe I'm missing something obvious.
I'm using Reactions to execute the "Clip Slot - fire" action when I press a certain button on the MFT, but it doesn't seem to do anything at all, whether I currently have an empty clip slot highlighted or not.
I'd like to be able to highlight an empty clip slot, click the button, and then it start recording a new clip into that slot. If there is already a clip in there, I'd like it to play the clip.
The help/tooltip for "Clip Slot - fire" looks like it's pretty much exactly what I'm after, but doesn't seem to do anything when I run it.

Also, I would really like to use one of the knobs to zoom in in the arrangement view, I'd also like to use a knob to "nudge" MIDI clip notes left and right.. is either of those functions available as an action?

Thanks for any help!

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Forum Admin
Forum Admin

Simplest answer to get clip slot fire working,
switch the action to custom code - by clicking the button 'switch to custom'.
remove this from between the brackets: None, None
It should look like this after removing:

Note, the above, will fire the clipslot at track 1, scene 1

Control Surface Studio User

Hey John I'm encountering the same issue. I've used your tip about using the custom code and you are correct that it fires the clip slot at track 1, scene 1. I was hoping there might be a fix or custom code that fires at the selected clip. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Forum Admin

Before you switch it to custom code, open the path menu (click the little hand icon) and select 'highlighted clip slot' for the 'clip slots' option, then switch to custom code and do the above.