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Unable to launch clips using "clip slot - fire" in Reactions, and a couple of other questions

Submitted by mchataway on Sat, 01/07/2023 - 13:14
Control Surface Studio User

Hi there,

Enjoying the software so far, currently creating a custom control script for my MIDI Fighter Twister.

I've got some of the functionality I'm after, but still missing some things, especially being able to fire/launch clips in the session view, and maybe I'm missing something obvious.
I'm using Reactions to execute the "Clip Slot - fire" action when I press a certain button on the MFT, but it doesn't seem to do anything at all, whether I currently have an empty clip slot highlighted or not.
I'd like to be able to highlight an empty clip slot, click the button, and then it start recording a new clip into that slot. If there is already a clip in there, I'd like it to play the clip.
The help/tooltip for "Clip Slot - fire" looks like it's pretty much exactly what I'm after, but doesn't seem to do anything when I run it.

Also, I would really like to use one of the knobs to zoom in in the arrangement view, I'd also like to use a knob to "nudge" MIDI clip notes left and right.. is either of those functions available as an action?

Thanks for any help!

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John C
Forum Admin
John C
Forum Admin

Simplest answer to get clip slot fire working,
switch the action to custom code - by clicking the button 'switch to custom'.
remove this from between the brackets: None, None
It should look like this after removing:[0].clip_slots[0].fire()

Note, the above, will fire the clipslot at track 1, scene 1