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Two buttons to switch between multiple modes?

Submitted by osaga on Fri, 05/01/2020 - 02:56
Control Surface Studio User


I have made a button that cycles between 3 modes (Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3) every time I press it.

I have another button that I want to cycle between two other modes (Mode 4, Mode 5).

I have it set up correctly, but the second button does not cycles between modes 4 and 5. Is this not possible?


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John Carney
Forum Admin

Are you sure that you have added the buttons to every mode?
i.e. if your in mode 3, the button to switch to mode 4 need to be added in there.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi John

(Thanks for the great work you've put into this).

I do have the button switching mode setup as I desire, but maybe the way I have it set up is not possible.

So if I click Button A it goes between Modes 1-3. If I'm on Mode 3 and click Button A it should go back to Mode 1. If I have the setup with just this button it works and cycles between these 3 modes.
Button B is the same, but cycles between Modes 4 and 5.

If I hit Button A a few times and end up on Mode 2. I would then like to be able to hit Button B and it would take me to Mode 5 (since Mode 4 has it's 'mode selector' set to Mode 5).

Is this possible? Or do all modes have to be in the same 'mode selector' loop?

Really appreciate your help and thanks!

John Carney
Forum Admin

You should be able to do this, Mode selectors can be placed anywhere, there's no required loop or anything needed.
My only suggestion is to make sure that the mode selectors exist on the mode you are using.