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Tutorials on interpreting error msgs in Log.txt files

Submitted by Maikoos on Sun, 07/07/2019 - 03:41
Pro User

Hi there John,
Firstly The update has some great functions and I'm looking forward to getting my head around it.
As a general feature request it would be good to have some tutorials on interpreting the error msgs in Log.txt files. At the moment I get a sense of what they're related to but don't understand specifics. That would save you a bit of time interpreting everybody's broken scripts anyway!

Also if its possible to have live text feedback as you move around Live. I have a Novation SLMK2 and the supplied Ableton Live Template displays the names of racks, devices and tracks as you select them. See attached examples.



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John Carney
Forum Admin

HI Mikey,

With regards to a tutorial on Error Messages this has been noted, thanks.
If anyone has specific Error Messages which they would like details on, please add them in here.

We have already made a note of Text feedback, I think you mentioned it in another Topic.