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Treat two devices as 1?

Submitted by chriswinn on Wed, 06/12/2019 - 17:58
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Hello Everyone,

I own two Vestax VCM600's, and I'm curious if it's possible to have remotify treat them both as 1 unit.

At first I was thinking it would be as simple as creating 1 huge custom device which was essentially both of them side-by-side... But after digging into it a bit, their Midi assignments are hard coded I have been forced to run them on different midi channels so they aren't stepping on each other, and I'm not sure if remotify can handle that.

I guess the worst case scenario is I just have two separate scripts and two separate Session Boxes "Red Boxes" to keep track of... so not that bad if this isn't possible.

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Quick Update:

After digging into the VCM-600's a bit more, I'm remembering that they actually have each "channel" of their mixer running on individual midi channel's 1-6 / 7-12, with the master section running on channel 13.

To further complicate it, you press a button in the top right and the 6 channels you have control off switch between channels 1-6 and 7-12.

So to get around that I was simply using the separate ports to separate the devices, and leaving one on channel 1-6 and the other on 7-12... but that means the master section is just doubled up and pretty much wasted. knobs.

So I was hoping to leverage this software to allow "one of" the master sections to give something like APC40 style device control of whatever devices are on the selected track.

Any suggestions of how to accomplish that? As it stands I'm just slowing getting into this software by updating the default VCM-600 template to reflect the 1-6/7-12 (+13) midi channels. I think my next steps will be just modifying one small thing and slowly evolving this out in tiny iterations from there as I learn how to set it up and manipulate the messages.

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Without using 3. Party Apps like Midi OX or a Hardware Midi Merger, its impossible to treat them as one. With Midi OX, you can translate the incoming Midi Messages of one of them to another Midi Channel for example.

John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi chris,

You can use the new 'Combination Mode' option in Session Box mappings (added in version 2.5) to essentially stick together Session Boxes from completely different Scripts. After doing this, you will be able to move both Session Boxes from the navigation controls on one Controller.

Use it with another new option 'offset position' to ensure that the session boxes are positioned next to each other exactly how you need them.