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Track Stop On clip keypad

Submitted by Image_Engine on Wed, 07/15/2020 - 00:05
Control Surface Studio User

Ive been doing UI/UX for controllers for at least 15 years with Live and have always been bewildered at the psychology applied which I wont go into here but ideally the object should be the entry point for the action ie a clip and its derivative function should be the place you go to eg
On matrix keypad you press once to fire/play = correct
To stop the clip, depending on controller it suddenly turns into track context and the mind path has to use a different entry pont = wrong

A gesture eg long hold <strong>on the object</strong> should modify the function <strong>of the object</strong> = Ux 101

So before I try and apply using my baby CSS knowledge...what is the best way to achieve the above ie long hold on any clip keypad, fires a track (actually a clip) stop?

The track stop seemed to be confined to the session box and the actual stop action is confined to a button without the ability to modify


EDIT: The tags dont seem to I doing something wrong?

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