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Track is selected // LED feedback behaving weird

Submitted by 9b0 on Mon, 08/09/2021 - 23:24
Control Surface Studio User

I've created a simple script for my MIDI Fighter Twister, where I'm controlling the volume and selection of 16 tracks. Encoders and buttons work fine, but the LED feedback behaves pretty weirdly.

// What I expect:
When a track is selected, I want my corresponding encoder to blink. This works by sending a value of 5 to the corresponding LED.

// What I'm experiencing:
By default, the first track blinks when I startup Live.

When I select the second track, the first track stops blinking, but nothing else happens. Does not matter what I do, the selected track feedback only works if the first track is selected.

Except... When I create 16 tracks, as soon as the 16th track is created, the 16th encoder starts blinking. And after this, all the other encoders start to receive the feedback they should have gotten before.

If I have less than 16 tracks, the LED feedback is not working. If I have at least 16, they just work.

// Video:

// System info:
Live version: 11.0.5b6
Windows 10

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John C
Forum Admin


It sounds like the LED feedback part of your script could be breaking/erroring because its expecting 16 tracks

What you can do:
1. check the log in CSS or ableton log.txt file and post it here for us to check for errors.
2. Or I have a MF Twister here, so if you want to send over the script I can test it for you. You can send it to: help at