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Submitted by handyman on Sat, 01/26/2019 - 20:54
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Hi. I am new to the Remotify community, having eagerly awaited for and now have happily picked up a Control Surface Studio license, after a couple of months stalking this site, hoping to get access to pro web app. Being new to both Remotify / CSS and to MIDI controller tinkering, I fear that I might have many questions whose answers seem obvious to those here in the community and for that I apologize.

For now, I am trying to understand how I can navigate the current selected track. I would like to use a rotary knob for this but the various attempts I have made for this are thus far fruitless. In general, I would like to know if this is possible, and specifically, is there a way to limit the rotary knob to just the Return tracks subset of tracks, so that, if I rotate the rotary knob clockwise, or counterclockwise, I can adjust the selected track to return tracks right or left. I hope this makes sense!

Also, perhaps this is outside the realm of this forum, but I have noticed that the endless rotary encoders on my A&H Xone:K1 return MIDI values of either 0 or 127, and I suspect that this is a common feature of endless rotary encoders and not just a glitch in my unit, and I was hoping that someone might be able to confirm this for me. When I have attempted to use the endless rotary encoder to navigate devices, it either brings be to the first or last. I am sure it has something to do with the 'control type' (which I had set to relative, with either 20 or 40 steps and still experienced the above results).

Anyway, I love this product, and I really am amazed with the potential I now have at my hands because of it, and, having read through various threads, I appreciate the commitment that John has for assisting the members here!

Thank you!


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John Carney
Forum Admin

Hi Greg,

Welcome aboard! In response to your queries...
1. Track Navigation
There is currently no way to limit track navigation to just return tracks. This is could possibly be pencilled in for future development if it proves to be a popular requirements.
2. Endless Encoders / Device Navigation
The values that your Endless Encoder is giving out are typical of 'Relative' controls, so first make sure that you set it to relative and input the correct left/right values 0/127.
Try setting your Step value to 1, as I think with Device Navigation the 'step' field is used to define how many devices to move left /right by. So by entering 20 steps you are telling it to jump by 20 Devices each time you turn the encoder.



Control Surface Studio User

I assumed that the Steps delineated the total number of tracks in the project, and not how 'far' to move the selected track from current position, and I changed it to one as you recommended and it is working!

Thank you, John!

John Carney
Forum Admin

Glad to hear you got this working.
Out of interest, if you set the step value to 2, does it move 2 tracks at a time?

John Carney
Forum Admin

This is actually an issue, as the 'step' field is only available for relative controls which means that this number can't currently be set for Absolute, on/off, increment, decrement.

Control Surface Studio User

Hi. In answer to your question, yes, if I use 2 steps, then the navigation skips 2 tracks at a time.

Pro User

Cool, thanks I'm going to mark this as a bug.