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Track name change listener, not responding

Submitted by Christian Björklund on Tue, 12/28/2021 - 13:37
Christian Björklund
Control Surface Studio User

Hell again! So many questions during these holiday times. =) I could be wrong but this feels like a bug somewhere...

I can't seem to use "Selected track's value has changed" as a listener in a reaction.

This is my test action, show the selected tracks name and that works fine when using a button press as listener:

But this as a listener won't make it run:

..this is not my actual script but i wanted other stuff to happen anytime the selected track is renamed.. should work, right?

The screenshot is form my actual script that I want to run on initialization or whenever a track is moved, added, renamed etc etc and the renaming part doesn't do much.

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Christian Björklund
Control Surface Studio User

Definitely something going on here..

If I choose a specific track's name as a listener, it works fine, but selected track doesn't. (Out of curiosity I tested to use "Selected Parameter's name value changed" and that also works, anywhere I rename a parameter trigs it.)

So, this works, and I can choose what channel to use just fine[0].add_name_listener

..but changing to "selected channel" gives me nothing. Curious if anyone else gets this too?

John C
Forum Admin

I just checked this and you're right.
The selected track listener is stuck to whichever track is selected when the script first initialises.
I will make a note of this to be investigated.

Christian Björklund
Control Surface Studio User

Ah that's great, thanks! It's strange though since "selected track" work fine in other occasions but..

I wonder if there's something similar or even connected with that other problem I mentioned here:

..where this works:[4].devices[1].parameters[1].add_value_listener

but not this (even though m2 is set to 4):[self.get_modifier_value("m2")].devices[1].parameters[1].add_value_listener

It will just listen to the device parameter in track 0.

Christian Björklund
Control Surface Studio User

Ah but this must at least be the exact same problem as I mentioned in verdeal's thread, the view.add_selected_drum_pad_listener thing, also worked on specific track but not selected track, good stuff!

Christian Björklund
Control Surface Studio User

I found temporary workaround for most issues, but this thing I can't just figure out. Not sure if it's the same bug but it's something around using modifiers as channel numbering..

If I use numbers here for the Highlight Navigation funktion, everything is ok, but when I change to modifiers the buttons still work but the LED feedback stops working. The weirdest thing is that the exact same setup works fine in another script, using modifiers.

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Christian Björklund
Control Surface Studio User

Ok so that last one, the difference between the projects was that I had Track Selectors for the one that works and the LED feedback came from there so that was fixable. I mean, I don't need for anything else and if Highlight Navigation works with numbered channels I suppose it should work with modifiers too but..

The otther one ([0].parameters[1].add_value_listener) still bugs me though, for most cases I covered it with a bunch of alternative listeners but it's not water proof.