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Timer Based Function for Reactions

Submitted by Image_Engine on Thu, 07/16/2020 - 00:39
Control Surface Studio User

The buttons (not matrix but actual function) on the current controller Im using are monochrome so I need some other way to indicate a mode change. Eg Im currently changing the firmware so that the original Vol button is now a dual mode Vol/Pan which puts them in a logical grouping and therefore shorter brain pathway..
I need it to flash, simply in a 50% duty cycle ie symmetric square wave. I know some controllers, as discussed, support this in firmware but its not very controllable. and dependent on manufacturer eg

I have other buttons eg sends which cycle through 4 levels eg Send A, B, C, D.
In this case the buttons need to have a relative indicator
Solid = A
Solid + 2 flashes = B
Solid + 3 = C etc

It would be great if there was a simple timer mechanism that could be part of remotify tools so that it could use the current system midi clock and use an 8 bit sequence to turn flags on and off to eg 1/4 or eight notes.
See attached pic...its backwards but show how the bits are mapped across eg 1/4 notes and create basic sequences that would really help traceability for current modes.

Input in CSS would be something like a grid with on off

This would create a hold of 3 * 1/4, rest for 1/4, on for 1/4, rest for 1/4. on, get the idea.

Its very basic but would vastly improve user feedback; which is of course paramount in good UX especially for performance...and at least even if the flashing is syncopated/poly would look quite cool and help with the feel


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John Carney
Forum Admin

We will be looking into adding a timer based option, probably for reactions. Using the midi clock is a good idea.