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Is there a way to PLAY NEXT SCENE?

Submitted by infinitystairs on Mon, 09/18/2023 - 22:46
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I've been away from CSS for long enough to forget the basics. I need to build a quick and simple controller that will have one button play the previous scene, and one button play the next scene. I don't see this in the menu for adding a new mapping type.

Can someone remind me how to make a button on my controller play the next scene?


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I just realized there is a setting (turned on by default) to Select Next Scene on Launch. So all I really need is a way for a button on my controller to launch the currently selected scene. How can I do this?

Forum Admin

In a Reaction mapping:
Use the action: Live Object model > Scene > Fire
Then in the Path menu (the little hand icon to the left of the menu)
For 'Scene Number', select 'custom code', then paste this in:

That action will now fire the selected scene. All you need to do now is, in the reaction listener section, select the button which you want to use to fire it.