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sysex, pitch bend, program change

Submitted by upriiver on Fri, 08/07/2020 - 14:31
Control Surface Studio User

It's been over a year and we still don't have sysex... it's part of MIDI... and really weird that I can't use it
On my faderport 16, the transport buttons send sysex messages... so I can't use any of them
And then the fader screens on the faderport16 receive sysex messages for track names and meters

"Works with any MIDI Controller
Has the manufacturer stopped supporting your gear? Don’t worry, If it sends out MIDI messages you can create a MIDI mapping script for it with Remotify."

really, the software only supports midi notes and control messages.,. but lots of gear sends program changes when you switch banks, pitchbend is on most keyboards and is often used in motorized control surfaces for faders... and sysex is both MIDI real time messages, and as a place manufactures put settings and non-midi controls, is the most DIY idea ever and is totally in the spirit of what this software is supposed let you do

could we please MIDI fully implemented?

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Control Surface Studio User

Is there any development in this (2 year old) case?
I just installed the app yesterday and already need to be able to use pitch bend information from my faderport which I totally expected to be possible!

Any help appreciated.

John C
Forum Admin

While we don't officially provide solutions for Sysex.
It can be implemented via reactions mappings. Discussion on implementing it is here:

Control Surface Studio User

Thanks for the hint.

I still dont see how to receive raw midi data!
Like receiving the movement of a motor fader which sends pitch bend.

How can I do that?

Control Surface Studio User

Why not add more (or just all) MIDI Types in the MIDI Message Settings?

Or maybe a custom MIDI Type option, where you could write these numbers yourself:
144-159 Notes
160-175 Polyphonic Aftertouch
176-191 Control Change
192-207 Program Change
208-223 Channel Aftertouch
224-239 Pitch Bend

Note and CC is just not enough, if you want to use "any MIDI controller".
This is not even Sysex.
I can't imagine it to be that complicated to implement this because it's just the first MIDI Byte as far as I understand...

Any response would be nice at this point.

John C
Forum Admin

We don't currently have options for these (and its untested) but in the code itself, you could try changing the type to pitch bend by changing
MIDI_PB_TYPE for pitchbend,
or for sysex MIDI_SYSEX_TYPE

Control Surface Studio User

Thanks for the reply, I'll see what I can do with your suggestion.

I'd highly recommend to implement pitch bend in the future since it's used in a variety of MIDI controllers and from your advertisment people expect it to work.
This software should be an upgrade compared to Ableton's MIDI mapping mode, but pitch bend is easy in Ableton and not possible here...
At the current state of the software frustration is inevitable!

Control Surface Studio User

Can you confirm if this works? I bought CSS specifically to make a better remote script for my Faderport V2 and it’s quite disappointing to realise I can’t make the fader work in the software.

Free User

Glad I read this!
I was about to buy the software to make my AKAI MPK 261 and other controllers communicate better with Ableton.
A software that officially only supports midi notes and control messages is not enough for my purposes...