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Sync parameters when connect

Submitted by milostsnvtech on Fri, 01/20/2023 - 11:10
Control Surface Studio User

Hi, as I am long time dealing with syncing parameters of controller - touchosc when it is opened or possible by some button. Now I have to reopen ableton project or push midi mapping button on/off to sync touchosc tablets/phones to present ableton state.

One advisory was to use but I still can't find some howto about solution.

Could somebody help me with that little bit?

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John C
Forum Admin

It's possible by using the reactions mapping type.

For the listener, use 'script > script is initialised'
This will auto fire the reaction when your script loads,

You then need to send a midi velocity value to the input on your midi controller.
Send midi velocity values using the Action section 'midi controller > send MIDI velocity value to input'

The value that you send would need to be based on the current position of the Ableton parameter.
For this you would need to use the 'get value from ranges option'

Get Value From Ranges:
Reactions Overview: