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switch modes

Submitted by Mcbeat on Thu, 07/04/2019 - 16:05
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hey. I just can not switch between the modes. I already tried everything. am I doing something wrong?
maybe jemnad has an exact explanation with an example someone for me?

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I created it with the and it works wonderfully. I think it's because of the global mode 1 that css uses at startup. the starts the mode 0 as standart. can I somehow import it or set the standart to 0?

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and here is the file from the web app.
i must rename the .py file into the py.txt

John Carney
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To add a 'Switch Mode' button or knob, simply use the the 'Mode Selector' Mapping type.
This is added directly inside a mode.

If you are using a Button, keep the first option set as 'Select Mode' and choose the Mode you want to select to in the second list.

See the attached Image for a more visual explanation

If you are using a Knob/Encoder to scroll through all modes, set the first option to 'Scroll'.
so that it exists on each mode, you will need to add the Mapping to all Modes.

The global Mode from the web App no longer exists in CSS.
You can simply copy all the controls you need to each Mode instead.

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