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switch modes

Submitted by Mcbeat on Thu, 07/04/2019 - 16:05
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hey. I just can not switch between the modes. I already tried everything. am I doing something wrong?
maybe jemnad has an exact explanation with an example someone for me?

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I created it with the and it works wonderfully. I think it's because of the global mode 1 that css uses at startup. the starts the mode 0 as standart. can I somehow import it or set the standart to 0?

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and here is the file from the web app.
i must rename the .py file into the py.txt

John C
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To add a 'Switch Mode' button or knob, simply use the the 'Mode Selector' Mapping type.
This is added directly inside a mode.

If you are using a Button, keep the first option set as 'Select Mode' and choose the Mode you want to select to in the second list.

See the attached Image for a more visual explanation

If you are using a Knob/Encoder to scroll through all modes, set the first option to 'Scroll'.
so that it exists on each mode, you will need to add the Mapping to all Modes.

The global Mode from the web App no longer exists in CSS.
You can simply copy all the controls you need to each Mode instead.

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Is there any way to assign specific modes to specific buttons?

I would like to have three modes and three buttons (one for each). Every time I've tried this I always get stuck in the second mode. The second mode has a mode selector for the other modes, but they do not work once I'm in the second mode.

I would really prefer not to use the encoder or single button/increment approaches if I don't have to.

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Cancel that. I think I figured this out as well.

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Hi Nelib,

How did you figure this out as I am also struggling with switching to more than 3 modes on the Akai APC40?

Looking at the Pan and Send A-C buttons on that controller as the button inputs to switch the respective modes.


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i have change the mode with bome translator. Very easy.
I think the mode is mode (0x42)
You must send the sysex massage direkt to APC.
I think you can implement it directly in the app

Mode 1: Ableton Live Mode (0x41). In MT I set a message which is
F0 47 00 73 60 00 04 40 08 01 01 F7
F0 47 00 73 60 00 04 41 08 01 01 F7
F0 47 00 73 60 00 04 42 08 01 01 F7

To resolve the message I tool the "APC40 communication protocol" manual from AKAI:
F0 MIDI System exclusive message start
47 Manufacturers ID Byte
00 System Exclusive Device ID (may depend on your device but I think it´s 00 in general)
73 Product model ID
60 Message type identifier
00 Number of data bytes to follow (most significant)
04 Number of data bytes to follow (least significant)
41 Application/Configuration Identifier (40 for Generic, 41 for Ableton Live Mode, 42 for Alternate Ableton Live Mode)
08 PC application Software version major (my Version of Ableton Live is 8.1.1 at the moment)
01 PC application Software version minor (my Version of Ableton Live is 8.1.1 at the moment)
01 PC application Software bug-fix level (my Version of Ableton Live is 8.1.1 at the moment)
F7 MIDI System exclusive message terminator

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I figured out how to do the MODE switching on my APC40 solely using CSS.

I had to conceptually figure out that of my 5 modes, I needed to create Multiple Mode Selectors inside each Mode (vs. 1 mode selector pointing to itself which did nothing because I was already in that Mode).

In Mode A: created Mode Selectors for Modes B - E
In Mode B: created Mode Selectors for Mode A and then Modes C - E

My only other twist to my controller configuration was leveraging one extra button in my first/top most selected Mode as a Shift Key Modifier and using another mode's Button again.
(Shift + PAN button on my controller) got me to my default mode once I've pressed the dedicated buttons for my other 4 modes.