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Struggling to get a track LED mapping

Submitted by antz29 on Tue, 04/14/2020 - 11:36
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Sure this is possible but I'm struggling.

I'm looking to have my Xone:K2 work in the following way (which I have working with the normal MIDI mappings, but without the LED reactions.

1. Display the currently selected clip in the clip view (I can do this by mapping the "Track Status Fields" to a button on the controller in Ableton. (see screen shot attached)
2. Control the zoom level of the currently playing clip (ideally want to do this with a continuous encoder, but haven't yet worked out how to do this). Ideally, I want it to just have a fixed zoom level showing the bars.
3. Trigger the current clip to 'Follow' the playing position. I can map 'Follow mode' in Ableton, but it always toggles and I just want it to be 'on'). (see screen shot attached)
3. Display the volume for each of the tracks 1 - 4 (as described for the master track in the docs but, I can't get it working for the single tracks)
4. Display the currently active track on an indicator.

The main challenges have been getting it to do anything at all (it installs just fine) re. LED status. Is there a reference available at all for the Reactions? I'm really looking for a guide to what can be typed in the Conditions etc. boxes.

Many thanks!

Hope everyone is keeping safe.


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bump :)

John Carney
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In answer to your questions:
1. Create a reaction mapping, the listener needs to be the button you want to press, in the reaction section use the following settings:
( )

2. I'm not aware of clip zooming being possible via midi.

For 3 & 4, are you using the pre-built Xone K2 Controller Template? this has all 3 latching layers configured and you can send LED feedback to any of buttons/indicators on the unit. (aside from session box clips which currently can only send led back to the same latching layer button).

Regarding references for Reactions, we have this page:
And also a few tutorials on using reactions here:

We are working on improving the Reactions UI and simplifying them, so look out for this in the near future.