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Strange Sysex Command out of nowhere (Novation Launch ControlI)

Submitted by stevenkaeser on Sun, 01/22/2023 - 11:55
Control Surface Studio User

I'm trying to map a Launch Control to the Parameters in the selected Device.

Everything is working like a charm except two knobs send out strange Sysex Messages that break many things at the same time.

Each time knob 1 hits the value 15 (out of 127) it simultaneously changes the User / Factory Mode on the Launch Control but also some how breaks the audio output of the track in Ableton.

I have also a Launch Control XL and I experienced similar behaviors of erratically changing the user bank / factory settings.

I changed the USB Cable removed the Hub.
I have run it through the mini monitor without my user script and it doesn't generate the same mistake.

The error only appears when I pass it through my script.

What am I not getting?

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Control Surface Studio User

Btw, I have been able to reproduce the same error with an Arturia Kestep and a Novation Launch XL.

John C
Forum Admin

Hi Steven,

Have you added a reaction mapping which sends a sysex message?

Control Surface Studio User

Hi John

Thx for helping!
I think I haven't,

John C
Forum Admin

Yes it doesn't appear so (I checked the script you uploaded also)
In that case, if it's coming from a script then it isn't this one, maybe you have another one running?
if not then I don't think it's coming from our script as there isn't any sysex programmed in to them by us, it would need to have been added by you.

Control Surface Studio User

I feel that you are right.
How can I systemartcally find out what the source of the problem is?
My gut feeling is, it is coming from somewhere from Ableton.