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Step Sequencer.... dual launchpad minis

Submitted by deadunit on Mon, 08/16/2021 - 18:23
Control Surface Studio User

Hey peeps!

I'm pretty inspired by the step sequencing with controllers.

eg. The Push
I have a control script for older versions of Live that work with my Keith McMillan Quneo (though it's a little janky for serious use)

There's a control script that I've seen for launchpads, that can use for a single launchpad (Launchpad95)

there's this renoise step sequencer that works across multiple launchpads

Likely a whole different ballgame to what remotify was intended for,
but anyone have any idea if it's possible to implement something like that, but inside ableton and using 2 or more launchpads?
I would really love to have a 16 wide grid of buttons

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