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[SOLVED] Worlde Easycontrol.9 CC issues

Submitted by HyS on Mon, 06/20/2022 - 17:55
Control Surface Studio User

So I bought CSS last night and got the important things working and then went to sleep. The next day, my sliders won't working in Ableton. I found out that I have to turn off the Input section in the MIDI options in Ableton for Ableton to detect the sliders and process the automations properly. But now my other mapped buttons and knobs don't work. However, if I turn the Input back on in the MIDI options, the sliders don't work but everything else does as usual.
Anyone got any insights on this?
I didn't change any settings either from last night to today. Things are just suddenly broken. Would very much appreciate any help on this matter! Thanks!

EDIT: Resolved the issue by just removing the sliders from the controller layout building settings in CSS. That way, the sliders keep their proper CC values and send the correct messages to ableton. I think if CSS had an option of remapping MIDI within the software, then I could just make CC1 remapped to CC1 within the MIDI script to avoid this issue in the future. For now, I just have to use both the provided Worlde MIDI editor software together with CSS to maximize its functions. Hopes this helps anyone else! Mods feel free to close this thread please! Thank you!

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I think I've figured it out. I actually have to NOT add the sliders when I'm building up the controller layout in CSS. That way, they retain their original MIDI CC values instead of CSS having them mapped to no function.
MIDIOX shows that the sliders were working fine outside of Ableton. Only when Ableton uses it for a midi script does it break.

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yeah - IF you add the sliders to your CONTROLLER template THEN you have to give them a function in your SCRIPT