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[SOLVED] Session Box Offset by Modifier

Submitted by trololololol on Mon, 03/27/2023 - 13:14
Control Surface Studio User


Session Box:
Can you do the offset be able to set to a modifier?
Reason is that i have the renumber actionset working and want to set my session box according to the new numbering of the tracks.


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3 Responses


Forum Admin

This isn't currently possible, but noted for future development.

Control Surface Studio User

It worked pretty easy in the end. I just had to set the Session Box position to a modifier the renumbering action uses. It gets then updated with the renumbering.

Forum Admin

I completely forget, yes there's a Reaction 'action' for setting the session box position which you can set with modifiers, you can find it here:
'script > set session box position'