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[SOLVED] Parameter Limit?

Submitted by bbedar on Sat, 03/18/2023 - 19:10
Control Surface Studio User

While trying to figure out a work-around to my accelerated encoder problem, I encountered a new problem:

I was making 7 different control parameters for each encoder (1-127, 2-126, 3-125, etc.) which made my encoders work properly. It was a pain, and I imagine there is a way to do this using a "reaction" but I do not really understand that part of this program yet.

My script ended up with well over 120 parameters; when I finally finished doing this to all of my different controls that I wanted set up, I loaded it into Ableton. About half of it worked. Went back into the script to see why, and half of my work vanished. I have now repeated this process a few times, and it seems that when I add too many parameters, the first ones I put in start to disappear. Is there a limit to how many parameters you can put into a control surface?

As a workaround, I started trying to do the same process in 3 different files to be combined later. I have my Main Mode in one, my "Drums Modifier Mode" in another, and my "Deck 1 & 2 FX/Filters Mode" in another. This also worked, until I went to combine the files. Whenever I try to combine data from another script, I get the error message: "get_device_chain_target_error: we cant currently handle device selectors of type: . Called by config_module.

I'm no code expert, but that sounds like there's a "." where there should be a script item, likely do to the copy clipping from one script to another. How do I fix this?

I feel like I'm being a pain in the backside, this is my third post today. But I am really enjoying your software so far, and am very excited about finishing my first control surface. I have a great idea in mind for what I am trying to do, and I am so close to being able to implement it.

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Control Surface Studio User

nevermind, problem is solved.