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A simple task, yet it is seems impossible to do in CSS

Submitted by JeanJohn on Wed, 04/26/2023 - 11:25
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Hello everyone,

if anyone could help me:
basically this is what I want to do:

I want to midi map my 8x8 grid on launchpad pro mk3 on different parameters in Ableton, and I just want to receive different colors on my pads back (not the default 127 toggle on color), one row green, one row purple, etc, etc. The mappings in CSS are very limiting, and I don't want to use play/rec and all that stuff, I just want to be able to midi map in Ableton to different devices for on/off things.

Why is this so difficult to achieve? I get that Ableton sends back 127 velocity to pads for on/off toggle switches, but I thought that CSS could help me to that, so I purchased it with that exact mission in mind. :(

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Hi. Your task is not very hard!
First you build your controller template. There you can define the pad colors for your controller as midi values.

The midi values are here:

Then you can do your mapping but Set the "LED feedback" to the color you want and override the Standart 0/127 midi feedback.

If you cant find a controller template in the forum you can upload yours and i help you with the color setting.

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Hey, thanks for your answer!

I think I've tried the things you mentioned, but I am not getting the result - I assume because I have to specify the "midi mapping" below the mode section in CSS.

I've built the template and is reacting to my launchpad which is good. The thing is: I would like my first row to be green, second red, and so forth, each row of 8 pads having a different color on the feedback, and all working simultaneously. All these pads are midi mapped in Ableton to specific device on/off spots or macro variation selectors, so forth (parameters that are not included in the midi mapping options in CSS).

I am now looking into the "reactions" - should I try to accomplish this through that option?

Again thank you for your help, I appreciate your answer very much.


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Hi. Just upload your controller and your script. Its much easier to show you instead of writing....

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Thank you so much. Here is the controller and the script. Note that I left the script empty, as I simply do not know which mapping to use for this. If you could maybe do a couple of pads, just for me to see how to do it, and I can continue by myself.

So to recap:
- it's an 8 x 8 grid of pads
- I want to be able to midi map (In Ableton) my pads to different devices for on/off switching in performance and receiving led feedback to my launchpad pro mk3.
- I want row one to be of one color, row two of different color, so all 8 rows have different led feedback, yet same functionality (turning on/off devices in Ableton which I have midi mapped)
- all of the rows are functioning at one time (so that no new script mode has to be selected)

If you can help me get this going, I am sending you couple of six pack anywhere in the world. :)

upload files: 
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I have no launchpad mk3 but i will build a complete template in the next days so they can store it in the software as template. But here you can see how to add the other pads etc.

The Launchpad has to be in programmer mode for this.

You did not implement the colors right in your controller template. I added some of the colors to give you a starting point, when i have finished the controller there will be more colors.

I gave you starting points for pads so you can see its pretty basic, the only thing is the *led feedback custom" to be set to the desired colors. this works for all other functions as well.

Please give feedback and have fun!

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This is awesome - thank you so much! I think I am slowly getting there, now the only remaining problem is:

I see that the pad / coloring works if I input a new device into the rack, and it's automatically on/off depending if the device is on/off, and I can use my launchpad to turn it on/off as well, which is great, but I don't want automatic. I want it to work with midi mapping inside the Ableton.

My only problem is: if I try to midi map it (inside Ableton), the yellow generic (127) midi color takes over and I lose the color that I've set in CSS.
I've tried to create another child, let's say on pad 2, and I see that one turns on/off properly when I toggle pad 1. sort of reacting to midi mapping of pad 1. But I want it all to happen on one pad.

Any clue?

Thanks so much again!

How do I override Ableton?

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There is no way to have it both (at least i dont know of). the idea of a script is that the stuff works without using the midi mapping inside of ableton. if you want that a translator like midi-ox could help you to translate all commands from ableton to the launchpad.