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setup button colors are gone when I click a free slot

Submitted by Robinjo on Mon, 01/17/2022 - 17:00
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I followed this tutorial and altered the script to listen to the scene colors what is working nicely:

When I click a free slot the color is gone.

Using the latest software 2.6.3

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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Already found is, needed to put:

self.application().view.add_is_view_visible_listener as an listener

never mind

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Sorry issue still exciting after I added a session box, then self.application().view.add_is_view_visible_listener is not working in the add pad reaction

Control Surface Studio User

and the scene is nog part of the session box

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Hi Robin,
I am guessing here because I do not comprehend your question fully. Don't be offended but please be a bit more clear/specific in your questions. I am also not a native English speaker so I know it is hard to express yourself in another language. A clear question will get you more answers and a better chance to get help. ;-)

Anyway, I suppose it still has something to do with a listener. Maybe try something as:
Live Object Model -> Scene -> "Clip slots" has changed
Don't forget to specify the 'Scene Type' by clicking the finger (see screenshot)
Hopefully, this will send you in the right direction.

If it is not that, try looking around in the 'Script' or 'Live Object Model' what seems logical in your case.
Good luck!

upload files: 
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To be more clear I have uploaded 2 test scripts. using Ableton 11.0.11 and Remotify 2.6.3

I have mapped a simple 2 color script for Ableton colors 14 and 15.
1. First one is without scene launch reaction, colors ring stays on buttons 29 to 32 from my MF3D when I click on any clip slot in Ableton.
2 Second one is with a reaction added which fire scene 1. After added this reaction when I click on any clip slot the colors on my MF3D are going to black. Need to toggle the color in scene 1 again to get the color back on the button rings of my MF3D.

Hoop this makes is more clear.

Kind regard,


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*Toggle scene 2, 3, 4 and 5 again to get the color back.

Christian Björklund
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Hi! Sorry I'm just jumping in quickly but I just wanted to check, do you think this is related to this issue? It sounds similar.

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Hi Christian Björklund,

Looks similar to me. @John C @ 303 what do you think?

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Hello Robin & Christian,
Short answer; sure it could be related! I don't have a RGB LED midi device so I can not test your files (I tried, didn't work..)

I also don't have experience yet with the 'Application' set from the 'Live Object Model'.
Reviewing the code, I could not see a listener for pressing an empty clip slot. Unless it is the 'self.application().view.add_is_view_visible_listener' listener you used (which I don't know the function of).

I don't know what you want to accomplish with your script, but you might have more luck trying the 'Session Box'. Here you can easily alter the colors and selecting an empty clip works alright.

Anyway, the issue with the disappearing LEDs is still alive.
I also tried adding listeners so that the lights are triggered anyhow, but no luck as of yet. For instance, my 'Session Box'
lights will go out whenever I select a device, so I tried to add listeners that would activate the session box again when selecting or switching to a device, with no luck so far. Workaround; Highlighting the selected track again ('Session Box Navigation' or 'Highlight Navigation') shows the LEDs again, so that is what I do for the moment..
I'm sure that in one of the next updates it will get addressed.

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Hi 303,

Thanks for your reply. Session box is working but I can't dynamical change the colors of the clips and scenes from Ableton.

John C explained in the tutorial below how you can set and map colors from Ableton to led rings to your controller:

This is exactly what I am looking for and can script it with reactions without the session box. It would be nicer and I think I red it in some posts that you can define colors inside the session box from Ableton mapped colors, but for now the default session box is overriding the clip colors.

Is there a road map when there is going to be this feature?

Also I like to define 4 buttons to 4 fixed scenes without the session box what I also can do with reactions I saw, But the color led ring going to black makes this impossible to use.

Control Surface Studio User

Hello Robin,
It is a pity I don't have an RGB LED device.. Otherwise, I could help test out.

In one of my scripts I have a 'Reaction' that overrides the default color of the 'Stop Track' in my 'Session Box'. So I suppose it could be possible also in your case.. If you didn't already, try putting in a default value instead of 'none' for the 'LED Feedback' in 'Session Box'. Maybe that can help.

About the color led rings going black, I am not sure how it works on the MIDI Fighter but when I want to add color to a button on my device, I add an 'Action Block' in the 'Reaction':
1) MIDI Controller -> send MIDI velocity value to input
2) Choose a MIDI Controller input
3) Give it a value (color)

Control Surface Studio User

Forgot to mention something,
2) Choose a MIDI Controller input -> If your controller has a specific CC assigned to the color led ring, choose that one and not the button or pad you press.