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Submitted by jeffco on Sun, 06/25/2017 - 21:22
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Hi John, I've noticed that in the session box section there are new tabs for channel, type, momentary and value. I'm not sure which I should use, I have a MF twister and just want to map all 16 knobs to control the first 16 volumes. Could you please give me some guidance please. Cheers Jeff

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John Carney
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Hi Jeff,

The new tabs are for adding different settings to each button in the session box i.e. channel.
The midi fighter twister push button controls are all on the same channel, type and momentary (if you're using the default options of course)
So all you need to add are the midi values (in the midi value tab).
The options in the "midi controller values" box, act as global settings for everything which doesn't have a setting in the "channel, type and momentary" tabs, so just select the value for them as you would have done previously.

I hope that makes sense.



John Carney
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Hey, We now have a comprehensive guide on making a red box / session box script with Remotify, adding volume & mixer controls that move with the box etc: How to make a red box script