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Session Box + Scene Navigation

Submitted by edthetek on Mon, 04/20/2020 - 04:34
Control Surface Studio User

I have a 1 x 4 session box and am looking to also have it select the current scene it is on whenever I use the session box navigation buttons I have mapped to go up/down respectively. So if I move the session box down, the highlighted scene should follow along with the session box.

I am pretty sure I can accomplish this using reactions but am having a tough time finding the right LOM syntax to set the selected scene to where the session box is currently located. Is this possible?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Forum Admin

Hey Ed,

This is certainly possible with Reactions. here's how to do it:
A little bit of info:
What you'll be doing is attaching a reaction to the 2 buttons that you currently use for sessionbox navigation (scene up and down).
The 2 reactions will simply set the selected scene position based on the scene offset position of the session box.

Download and import the attached script into your copy of CSS.
You will see a new script called 'selected scene move' in the script manager
Duplicate/move the Reaction container called 'selected scene move' into your own script.
There are 2 reactions inside it 'scene move up' and 'scene move down'. for the 'listener' option in each of them, select your session box navigation up & down buttons.
Note: make sure you attach the 'scene move up' reaction to your session box scene up button etc

This should hopefully work immediately for you. If not please let me know.

Control Surface Studio User

ah, I was so close! Incorporated the two reactions and it works great! Side note, I ended up removing the + 1/- 1 from the offset line due to the selection jumping to next scene instead of staying in line with the session box.

Thanks so much!!


Forum Admin

Great stuff, glad it worked for you!
Interesting that you didn't need the +1/-1, I wonder why this was needed fore me.

Alessandro Gugel
Control Surface Studio User

I'm trying to achieve the same thing in the new version...I imported the file but i don't see the new script action. Any help?