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Submitted by zqpm1qaz on Thu, 03/14/2019 - 14:27
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When clip slot empty, the led is bright, when the clip in clip slot, the led become black, which is very strange, is there any way to change the settings?
I'm new on CSS, My controller is Livid DS1.

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Any suggestions?Sorry my bad English.

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If you didn´t add extra LED reactions in css for the session box (don´t know if its possible anyways) Ableton sends midi value 127 on playing clips and 0 on stopped clips. But the CSS and the web app sends midi value 4 on reset.
reset means, if you delete a clip, exit ableton and on startup for all empty clipslots.
If you change your Livid controller setup for the clipslot buttons to LED off on midi value 4, LED on at 127 and maybe another color to value 0 you should get Button LED off for empty clipslots, color 1 for playing clips and color 2 for stoped clips.

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but i don´t know if you can change the midi values for the LED colors in your livid controller software.
Most controllers have fixed values for the colors and value 0 for LED off

John Carney
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Hi zqpm1qaz,

We will be adding custom LED settings for Session Box soon.
In the meantime, you can set them directly in the script .py file (in your MIDI Remote Script Folder) by uncommenting the 14 lines which begin with:
##for scene_index in range(num_scenes):

You can add a custom Velocity value for each state on these lines:
## clip_slot = scene.clip_slot(track_index)
## clip_slot.set_triggered_to_play_value(4)
## clip_slot.set_triggered_to_record_value(5)
## clip_slot.set_record_button_value(6)
## clip_slot.set_stopped_value(7)
## clip_slot.set_started_value(8)
## clip_slot.set_recording_value(9)

To uncomment, remove the 2 hashes on each line ##,
Then change the velocity values, save the file, reload Ableton.

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Thank you for your answer, I am still trying to solve this problem.
Ds1 can change the color for value, but this will affect the global setting.

Hi John Carney,
I have found this code from your answer to another post and have tried a lot, but there seems to be code for empty clip_slot. Value, so I can't set it, did I missing something?

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I mean no code for empty clip_slot on the code you gave us.

John Carney
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Hmm, yes this is correct, there is no setting for empty clip slot at the moment.
This could be related to what Simsonatic has mentioned about LED Off value being set to 4 instead of 0.
We will investigate this.

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Yep, Live is using the LED off / reset value for Empty clipslots