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Session box position resets to top left after changing modes

Submitted by zenaudio on Sat, 05/11/2019 - 16:57
Control Surface Studio User

Hi John,

My script has a session box which I move around throughout the set.

When switching modes and switching back (I set up a momentary shift button) the session box position resets to the top left.

This is troubling because a lot of my controls are relative to the session box. Any ideas?

I am also wondering if it's possible to have the same session box present in two modes, or at least have 2 that are linked.

I use my "shift" button to give my mute buttons the secondary function of being track selectors (done with Track -> Device -> Select device) so I can do specific track actions but can't find any way to link my session box in the "shift" mode to the same position as the session box in my "base" default mode.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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John Carney
Forum Admin


Thanks for reporting this. Currently we don't have the ability to keep the Session Box in it's current position when changing modes. I've added this to our development list.

If you desperately need this funcitonality, and you're feeling brave enough to edit some code in your script, I can give you details of how to add this manually. Just let me know.

Control Surface Studio User

Thanks for responding John.

It's actually blocking me a bit. How exactly can I add this manually? I'm willing to get my hands dirty.

John Carney
Forum Admin


This should work and it's 3 pretty simple changes in your script .py file.
1 In the method def __init__
Add these 2 lines (make sure they are above 'self.mode_list') :
self.current_track_offset = 0
self.current_scene_offset = 0

2 In the method: def session_box
edit the line: 'self._session.set_offsets'
So that it is:
self._session.set_offsets(self.current_track_offset, self.current_scene_offset)

3 In the method: def remove_session_box
Add 2 lines:
self.current_track_offset = self._session._track_offset
self.current_scene_offset = self._session._scene_offset

See the attached images

Control Surface Studio User

That did it! Thanks for taking the time to share that John!

Looking forward to the next updates. Would be great at some point to allow the session box to work across several modes, which would enable track actions (mute/solo etc) to work on the same set of relative tracks when triggered from a shift mode.

John Carney
Forum Admin

Great, glad to hear the steps worked for you. We will get a fix in for this as soon as possible.

Pro User

also missed the option. the tip helps me a lot. I try to create a separate box for each track. It annoyed me that the box was always moved when I changed the mod. For this, the boxes should always be visible no matter which mode is used. a sticking of the boxes if needed would be cool. eg with an additional button. so you could combine the boxes and move them up and down, the non-selected ones could keep their position. There was such a possibility in the web app, but you always had to re-program and decide whether to stick or not. a list of useful codes would be great

John Carney
Forum Admin

This bug is fixed and ready to ship out in our next update.
Also, the other options from the Web App's Session Box will be available : offset position, Combination Mode and LED Feedback Settings.