Session box control of tracks

Submitted by auralincarnation on Sun, 02/18/2018 - 00:40
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how do you do this >???

you have the ability to control a specific track...(i.e vol of track 4)
you can control the master volume of a track and
you have the option to control the volume of the selected track....

how do I control the volume jof a track in the session box through remotify??

this is the ONE REASON I signed up here as a pro thinking you could do this.,..
please let me know if this is possible or not here!!!


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John Carney
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I think I answered this another forum topic of yours but all you need to do is set the volume to 'specific' and it will automatically be relative to the position of the session box when you move it.



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i read that from another forum post last night at o dark thirty !
thanks for replying and great product you have here!!

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What if there are more than 1 Sessionbox in a mapping? How does the volume control know to which box it belongs?

John Carney
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You can only have 1 session box active at any one time, so the volume control will always be relative to the active session box. You can of course use multiple modes and have a separate session box on each one but only one will ever be active. John