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Session Box Challenges

Submitted by unclenoah on Wed, 12/28/2022 - 06:12
Control Surface Studio User

Hello all! I'm pretty new to Remotify and CSS but I'm finding this to be an amazing tool [Mac OS 13.1, Ableton Live 11.2.7, CSS 2.7].

I'm working to build a new script for my old Behringer controllers and I'm almost getting it, but I'm running into some small snags that I just don't quite grok.

I'm currently working on my CMD DC-1, and was able to build what I think is a solid Template, but I'm struggling with the Script.

I want to move the Session Box up and down using the endless encoder on the controller (transmits MIDI Channel 6, CC032, clockwise spin sends vel 65, counterclockwise spin sends vel 63, all confirmed with MIDI Monitor in CSS).

I've got my Session Box Navigation set to Navigate scenes, Scroll, Controller Input is the proper encoder, Controller Override set to Custom, Controller Type Absolute, First: 63, Last: 65, Invert: Off, Takeover Mode: None - but after loading this into Live, turning the encoder has no effect. Ableton Live is receiving MIDI from the encoder.

I'll attach my Template and Script here so you can see what I'm woking with.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but I'm hoping it's something that one of you will be able to identify as simple. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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Control Surface Studio User

I'm noticing something odd in my template as well when I'm looking at Reactions. My top group of buttons (added as such and identified as Momentary On/Off) have listeners described as "moved" (e.g. "Header 01 was moved") rather than "pressed" as should be showing for the buttons. There are some really fundamental things I'm not getting here -- I'm willing to pay if anyone is willing to spend an hour on Zoom with me helping me to figure out some of these details - the bridge between theory and practice in this software is just not working for me, but it feels like it should.

Control Surface Studio User

I believe that I may be one of the stupidest people on the planet. I found that if I fully quit Ableton Live, and then restart the application (after outputting the updated script), the encoder controls work in the way I expect them to. So, folks, if you're just making/loading a new session, that's not necessarily going to do it -- after you update your script, fully quit Ableton Live, and restart it, let the script load, and then see what's going on.

Ismael Gómez
Control Surface Studio User

If you are using endless encoders you must set it as relative, not as absolute, and once you set it in relative you need to set left value=63 and right=65