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Send MIDI back to the device

Submitted by 5argon on Wed, 05/13/2020 - 09:12
Control Surface Studio User

Midi Fighter Twister for example could RECEIVE channel 4 CC message to force switch banks. Other than this the only way to switch bank (Twister bank, not CSS "mode") is to configure in MFUtility to the side buttons.

I think the side buttons are hard to press so I would like to press one of the knob to switch bank. However there is no way to send "feedback message" back to the device with CSS. I think it would be great if Reaction has some reaction that sends arbitrary CC to the device. Currently Reactions only could send to the buttons to target their LEDs.

Banks are needed because MFTwister has some settings that tied to each knobs such as detents, and sometimes detents are not desirable that I had to prepare them in an another bank. When making a script that adjust pans of 16 tracks I would like to switch to Bank 2 where I had set them all to detents, then back to Bank 1 when I want to do volume adjustments.

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