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Selective Delete and positioning for Conditions and Reactions

Submitted by c3r1c3 on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 18:11
Control Surface Studio User

Hello Team,

This feature request is for the ability to select a Condition or Reaction and move it up or down the listing. Also the ability to select a Condition or Reaction and hit the '-' button to have it deleted.
Re-order Reason: If a Condition/Reaction isn't put in the correct order you have to delete everything under it and the item itself and then re-enter it all OR do the data shuffle (add an item at the bottom and then copy-paste the one above into it, moving up the chain until you get the area you want to add the new Condition/Reaction). Either way it's time consuming and error-prone.
Delete Reason: Similar to the Re-order reason above. If one has a Condition/Reaction they no longer need, unless it's the last item in the stack, they have to delete everything beneath it (and the item in question) and then re-enter everything they just deleted.
Bonus Feature: If one has a Condition/Reaction selected and they hit the '+' button it adds it beneath (or above, but I like beneath more) empty Condition/Reaction.
Thanks as always for all your hard work in making a great product,

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John Carney
Forum Admin


Thanks for your comments, yes this does need some work and is in the development list.
So expect to see an update to it in the near future.