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Selected Track = mute others: Reactions 2?

Submitted by Annette Brosin on Sat, 05/01/2021 - 23:31
Annette Brosin
Control Surface Studio User

Hi there,
as I'm looking forward to the reactions2 trials, I'm wondering if it would be possible to use reactions to program something like "mute other tracks" when being in selected tracks "mode" (not that there's a mode)?
If this isn't clear and I need to formulate this question better, please let me know :)

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Annette Brosin
Control Surface Studio User

PS: I'm not looking to "solo" the selected track, I just want to actually mute all/some other tracks.

John C
Forum Admin

Hi Annette,

Yes you can 100% do this with Reactions 2. It will be possible using a combination of the new Modifiers and Custom List features.
Beta testing is about to go live (in the next 1 - 2 days), I think you have already added your name to the roll call, so expect an email with details very soon.

Annette Brosin
Control Surface Studio User

All of this is fantastic news!! Thank you!