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Selected Parameter Listener Bug

Submitted by tebgeronimo on Sun, 04/03/2022 - 17:15
Control Surface Studio User

Hey Hey, Back again with another bug.

For context, my controller has no buttons, just 8 endless encoders that send 10 bit messages shifted up to Pitch bend messages.

So what I am doing is using changes of the selected parameter to change the function of the knobs.

Sadly there is a bug when with the Selected Parameter Listener ( ) when selecting parameters in devices.

Selecting mixer parameters works, but device parameters only work once and then stop working until Ableton is reloaded.


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4 Responses


Forum Admin

Hello tebgeronimo,

Thank you for letting us know!
The issue will be investigated soon.

Till later with more info!

John C
Forum Admin

Hello again tebgeronimo,
This could be related to a larger issue we have been investigating recently.
We will test this too, but just to let you know, it may take a little while to resolve.


Control Surface Studio User

Thanks Wim and John,

Please do let me know when its resolved.


Control Surface Studio User

Hi, maybe not the exact same problem but I see something similar using "[1].add_value_listener". Is this related ? Also using a modifier build from a custom list for the parameter number doesn't work reliable or at all. Regards, mj